***NOTE - Version 2 training is now online.  The lessons below are version 1 which are 100% current however in version 2 you have access to everything here and so much more so I highly recommend you go through version 2 lessons.  Version 1 will remain online for 30 days.

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Old Tom
1 year ago

Is it possible to set a trailing stop loss?

1 year ago

Well, lets keep going. it is very interesting. need to set & re-set stop lost as the price increases every 10% above your buy in price. need to learn how to do that.

1 year ago

The ”diamond hands” idea is new to me, and I’ll do my best to avoid it (unless I get something that is long-term and safe).- thank you for another great piece!!

Brady Patterson
1 year ago

Loved you point on Diamond Hands. Drives me nuts when people say that while they’re losing their life savings and still buying as the price is falling. To be fair, with Bitcoin, I’m a Diamond hands guy, but for everything else, it’s peace out when things are crashing.

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