***NOTE - Version 2 training is now online.  The lessons below are version 1 which are 100% current however in version 2 you have access to everything here and so much more so I highly recommend you go through version 2 lessons.  Version 1 will remain online for 30 days.

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1 year ago

I love the mempool swapping 🙂 I’ve had my but handed to me a few times trying to come in early on ICO drops but I did not know about using bots

Tainy Kone
1 year ago

Do you use dxsale at all?

1 year ago

Talking about Bots, one has to have the Live I bot to be able to do the sniping?

Old Tom
1 year ago

What is aether?

1 year ago

very interesting, we are now Deeping into the lesson. IDOs. need to read about them at my leisure time. but the question is are we going to work on all this IDOs?

1 year ago

this is incredible; I can see where I’d want to be really comfortable with this whole idea, long before I get into the high-level stuff… as always, appreciate all this great information!

James Lynch
1 year ago

aether powered battle ships !!! Nikola Tesla would be intrigued:) Great course so far, thanks Joel

peter marshall
1 year ago

Its the wild west

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