***NOTE - Version 2 training is now online.  The lessons below are version 1 which are 100% current however in version 2 you have access to everything here and so much more so I highly recommend you go through version 2 lessons.  Version 1 will remain online for 30 days.

In the video I say it's ok but it is NOT!  Do not have that option clicked ever.   If you click that option and the transaction fails it will get into a continuous loop and DRAIN YOUR WALLET OF BNB because each time you do a transaction you have a fee.  I learned the hard way and drained a wallet that had 3 BNB in it.  We have talked to the developer to see if he can put a safeguard in that feature and are waiting to hear back from him.

So there is a bit of confusion as a lot of people have issues with putting 1200 for 12% and it not working. My video has the wrong number in it  (it shows 12000)….however, of course, it is high it still works BUT it may not be getting you the best price and that is the issue.
So to clarify and looking at Trade Butler documentation it is 1200 however they also mention sometimes if slippage is supposed to be 12% even putting 15% if you are getting fails.
So my thoughts are put higher than you need because if you are not there to monitor the bot it’s better to have it sell or buy than just fail.  So 500 = 5%  50 = .05%  100 = 1%

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1 year ago

I noticed your Input Amount for GMR under Active Trades dynamically updates to your full token balance throughout this video. This infers that TBB does not honor the Input Amount field when selling a token.
I posted about this in the Forum here:
The main caveat being is if you don’t want to sell all your tokens all at once, you need to explicitly set the Num Tokens to Never Sell value (or Moonbag, etc.), such as when testing the ability to successfully sell without errors using a small token amount first, etc.

Paul Galloway
1 year ago

Couple questions . . .

  1. 1. In your videos you say we can check that “Keep Trying on TX Fail” box as long as we’ve already “Approved” the token. But your text instructions in one of the previous lessons says not to check that box at all . . . which is correct?
  2. 2. For slippage tolerance, you say 10% is “10000” and 12% is “12000” . . . but the in-context instructions (shown here: https://www.screencast.com/t/jecRvpAeI ) say 50 bips is .5% and 1 bip is .01% — so wouldn’t 10% = 1000 and 12% = 1200 ?
Last edited 1 year ago by Paul Galloway
Craig Wakefield
1 year ago

It looks like you set up separate buy and sell orders instead of have it all part of the same transaction. Do you find that this is the better way to handle a trade as opposed to having both in the same transaction? Do you have to restart all transactions every time you create a new order?

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