This is a BONUS strategy that might be the QUICKEST way to make profits in crypto however it does require you learning a few new skills and practicing, practicing, practicing until you get good at it before you risk real fund.

This is much different than anything else we do in the program.  It's more like playing a game.  A game that you have an unfair advantage over others because we use our  loophole indicator.

Please read about the strategy below watch all the training videos.  After you watch them you can visit the PancakeSwap Prediction Forums Here.  Also don't forget about the PancakeSwap Prediction Chat group where we can talk about predictions in real-time.

UPDATE 5/17/2022 - As you will learn there are other prediction sites besides PancakeSwap that we are always testing.  There is a fairly new one called PRDT that many students are having just as much if not MORE success with so make sure you watch the PRDT video below and read this forum post.  You will probably want to test both of them.

Note from Joel and requirements to do the PancakeSwap Prediction Strategy.

This is an exciting strategy and I totally understand how some members want to skip directly to this strategy before going through the rest of the lessons.  That's totally fine but please understand there are several foundational elements you learn in the other lessons so make sure you watch all the lessons.

Requirements To Do The PancakeSwap Prediction Strategy

1. Metamask Wallet Installed - Lesson 17

2. BNB Bep-20 token in your Metamask Wallet. Lesson 18

3. How to use a DEX Lesson 20

PancakeSwap Prediction Strategy (Beta)
And Other Prediction Sites.

This is what we call a "Pure DeFi" strategy.  It's VERY different from the core 7 strategies we teach.  Please don't let this distract you from learning the basics you learn in the training.  This is not a crypto investing strategy however it is a type of loophole with the possibility to earn immediately.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS OUTSIDE OF THE MASTERMIND - We are NOT competing against each other however the more people that learn our strategy and win more means the prize pool will be less for you.


This strategy is not for everyone! However, it could be VERY profitable if you learn how to do it right.

This is pretty much betting but using TA to give yourself a better win/lose ratio. Think of it like "Counting Cards" in a poker game.

This is HIGH RISK and you can lose all your money. This is NOT crypto trading or investing. This is playing a game of chance. That said we have some strategies that have worked well to get the win/ratio into profit for people that have dedication, willing to practice with paper-trading until they acquire the skills. Even then there is a lot of risks.

ALWAYS PAPER TRADE until you get this strategy down and even then realize you will not win every time and anything you "Bet" you stand to lose.

This strategy will also take a fair bit of mental discipline on your part. This is like day trading and can be stressful but like anything the more you do it the better you will get. Not going to sugarcoat it. It can be stressful but doable. It's going to take some time to learn this and when you Trade (play the game) you will want to do it in sessions where you are 100% focused. 30 to 60 min per session is a good idea.

As you learn and discover new things that are working for you, please share your results inside the mastermind and helps us develop the strategy even further.

The Goal: Use Technical Analysis (TA) to increase your chance of winning the PancakeSwap Prediction game.

Risks: VERY HIGH! Any guess you place you stand a chance of losing.


- Metamask wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain
- BNB (BEP-20) - Always leave some extra BNB in your wallet for gas fees
- A paid Trading View Pro+ account.  You can start out with the 30 day demo before you have to pay for it.  We are trying to get it so the indicators load into a Pro account but for now a Pro+ account is required to see all the indicators. (Yes that is an affiliate link)

- Desktop computer or Laptop - Multiple monitors can be handy but not required. You can even do this all from a mobile phone when you learn how and get good at it.

- After you have set up your Tradingview account go to the PancakeSwap Prediction forums to get your indicators and tracking spreadsheets.

Prediction Site Links:

PancakeSwap Predictions:

PRDT - Sign Up Page Here: - After you sign up access the game here


"Each Pancake Swap Prediction card gives you the opportunity to guess if the next 5-minute price of BNB is either going up or down from the previous 5-minute price. You have to place your guess (bet) about 40 to 50 seconds before the round starts. If you guess the price correct you win more BNB! If you guessed wrong you lose the BNB you placed on your guess. (bet)

The amount earned is going to depend on how many others were playing the game at the same time and which direction their "Guesses" went. The ranges you earn are anywhere between 1.2X to 3X but really can be anything. The best we have seen is 2.95X - You can read about the rules here:


LOOK AT 15, 5 Min before deciding a strategy

This is not just a guessing game. You can go to Vegas for that. To win it's all about knowing where the momentum of the buying and selling is going for the next 5-minute candle. Is the momentum going up or down? If you can figure out the upward or downward momentum and get good at it many times you can guess 70 to 90% of the "Card" correctly

To predict this momentum we use some of the following TA strategies. Don't worry if you have never heard of these or don't know anything about a chart. We will teach you the basics and the method.

This is NOT an exact science. This is still a game of chance however if you get good at it you can win more than you lose and win profits. Sometimes you think you are going to win and it flips the other way. It happens.  You are never going to be 100% but over time you can get very close.

If you use proper technical analysis and a cool head you can predict most of the winners. If your inner-gambler surfaces, it can cause problems.

Learn some discipline. Sometimes you need to step away for a while if you have several losing guesses. It's ok. PLEASE PAPER trade till you get really good at this or just don't do it.

Watch this video here while I show you how to do this. All of the indicators below are used in your prediction and nothing is a silver bullet."



Requirements and Strategy - Pancake Prediction Game

Strategy Part 1

Strategy Part 2 and Demo

Setting Up Tradingview and another signal

*** In the video I say set your alerts up on the 1 Min chart.  I meant to say the 4 Min chart.

PRDT - Alternative to Pancakeswap

Many students are reporting just as much if not more success using PRDT prediction.

To sign up visit

Visit this forum post here for more details.


MACD Line Crossover

MACD is an indicator used to predict the momentum and direction of a chart. The lines will tell us the direction and when they cross over each other, it indicates that the chart is shifting direction.

The target we are looking for is when the lines CROSS. This usually indicates that it's time to enter your "Guess" either up or down. If you set up the chart like we teach GREEN on top means UP guess and RED means DOWN guess.

This indicator is perhaps the most conservative and safe to use.

MACD Bar Flip

MACD bars show the strength of the direction that the chart is moving, when these cross from the centerline, it is changing direction. strength of these lines is also important. A taller line will show that the momentum is strong, a very short line will show that the momentum is weak.

This needs to be used in connection when you see a MACD Line cross. You want the BARS to get a stronger color and longer as each minute goes by before you make your decision.

MACD Indicator

Combines the crossovers of MACD for both lines and bars and displays them in your main chart for an easier-to-read notification.

This helps you determine if you have a MACD cross and which direction it is going.


Support and resistance lines are trends that the chart will follow, when a candle meets support or resistance it can either break out or bounce back. The closer the candle is to these lines, the smaller the momentum until it breaks or reverses.

This can be the hardest part to judge. Many times support and resistance stay level and go "Sideways" - Guessing on sideways is HARD. You want to make a guess when you know you have a breakout in either direction.


RSI is the indicator used to see if the token is at a fair price, overbought or oversold could mean a reversal.

Oversold means that the price has been dropping because people are starts to drop far and eventually buyers say... "Wow I need to buy the price is good) and then it flips and the prices start to go up.

It's the opposite with overbought.... lots of people are buying and then suddenly they are like "Wow... this is too high... I need to wait to buy"... then people start selling the price starts to drop.

RSI Indicator

The RSI indicator oscillates through the chart. usually, when it crosses the top or bottom of the chart it indicates that there is going to be a reversal

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23 days ago

I signed up for PRDT prediction but I can’t submit a reference code.
I get this msg “Error in adding reference”
Please can you help..?
Thank you.

Aj (Support)
23 days ago
Reply to  vr

Have you made a bet/prediction before on PRDT using the same wallet. As you cannot add reference once you make a bet/prediction. The reference windows says “You can’t enter a reference code after making a bet.”

15 days ago
Reply to  Aj (Support)

Thanks for your reply.
No, I didn’t make any bet/prediction before on PRDT. Just click your link (above). Then connect the wallet (Metamask)…and try to submit ref. code.
I get this msg “Error in adding reference”

Chase Winslow
1 month ago

I don’t have the momentum indicator I have the wavebot and pancake swap predictions indicators. But not this momentum one therefore I can’t setup my alerts.

Aj (Support)
1 month ago
Reply to  Chase Winslow

All the charts for predictions are available here
We have only 2 Invite-only scripts viz. Wavebot.a1 a2 and CSP Prediction. Access to both is assigned to you.

Last edited 1 month ago by Aj (Support)
3 months ago

I’m actually able to grasp a lot of this which isn’t at all usual for me with tech.,must be due to your thorough explanation.I so appreciate this module!

4 months ago

I would like to MASTER this, practice practice practice

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